Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 Elk Hunts with A3 Trophy Hunts

Mossback Arizona + Arizona Strip Bucks = A3 Trophy Hunts LLC.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time again. The 2014 Elk and Antelope draw results are due out any day and the chaos has begun! We love this time year. Talking to excited hunters that have finally beat the long odds and drawn an Arizona permit! All those years, all those bonus points, all those decisions?...

We Dream Big at A3! Sheri did too and look what happened!

 A3 is here to help! If you have done any sort of research on Arizona outfitters, then your head may be spinning wondering what to do? So many outfitter options, many of which are good quality people that offer a good quality service. How do you choose? Well, let us explain a little about Arizona outfitters and Arizona hunting.

Is your dream to kill a 400" 6 point? Jim Sr. and Jim Jr. booked back to back hunts with A3 and both killed a 400"+ 6 point!

No secret that AZ tags are hard to come by and hence the value and expectation is at a premium. You invest the money and years and you rightfully expect a top quality hunt. When you book a guided hunt this expectation triples! When you begin talking to outfitters you need to be aware of how this game works. Many outfitters that you call will tell you exactly what you want to hear. "Yes we scout a lot". "Yes we are highly experienced", "Yes we are very handsome and are masters of our trade", etc.... So, how do you distinguish who is consistent and legit and who is just great at salesmanship? Easy answer, references and pictures.

Dreaming+Drawing+Booking with A3= 407" Bull for Manny!

Believe me, in today's world everyone has a guide license and big bull sticker on their truck. Internet marketing is bigger than ever before. Competition is fiercer than ever among AZ outfitters and ethics and morals often get thrown out the window in the battle to book clients. Some outfitters have evolved into "sub specialists" This means they will book your hunt and then "sub" it out to another guide service. You book with one outfitter only to find out that you are hunting with a completely different one! This is bait and switch. Be aware of it and ask about it to make sure it is not going to happen to you.

We take a different approach to booking our hunts. We believe that if you offer a superior service, and do it honestly, your service will sell itself. No tricks, gimmicks, lies or anything else needed. The foundation of A3's success record is firmly rooted in our guides. A3 Guides are the best in the business, no exceptions. They are honest, hard working and are as determined to succeed as you are. Our guides are exclusively A3 guides. They are unit specific and specialize in the same units every year. They are not individual guide services that we sub hunts out to. They are proud card carrying members of A3 and we are darn proud to have them with us! We will NEVER sub out your hunt just to get you booked and take your money, EVER. Our yearly capacity is preset by the number of quality guides we have and when our spots are full, that it is. We don't continue booking hunters and worry about finding guides later. EVERY hunt we book will be treated as top quality and you will never be just a face in the crowd. Your hunt will be a pre-planned, personalized effort, tailored to you, with the objective being to maximize your tags trophy potential.

Is your dream to watch your daughter kill a 400"+? Ashley's dads dream came true with A3.

So how do you know that the outfitter you are considering is not running a game on you? Again, references and pictures.

References give you the real story behind an outfitters name. The guys that were in your shoes the year prior offer the very best insight into the real workings of how an outfitters operates and hunts. I am not talking about some distant references that have been used for the last 10 years. I am talking about specific references that are from the prior year from the exact hunt you are considering. No BS allowed, just the straight story, straight from the horses mouth.

Next pictures. Pictures complete the story. After all, you are searching for an outfitter that will maximize your odds of success, not just feed you well and tell you stories. Pictures are the truth tellers behind the success claims. On the phone any outfitter can throw out big numbers about 400 this and 420 that. How many pictures from the prior years hunts can they produce that back up their claims?

New Mexico outfitter GT Nunn trusted the best outfitter in AZ to help him harvest his 414" giant!

A3 Trophy Hunts has set itself apart as the top producing outfitter for giant bulls in Arizona. This is undisputable. In 2013 alone, our clients harvested 4 bulls that grossed over 400" inches and several more 350"-390" as well. Here are some pictures to back that up. Over the last 5 years our clients have harvested 23 bulls that score over 380"! We invite you to call us and ask for our reference list from 2013. We have nothing to hide and no gimmicks to run at you. We know that the previous clients stories are all we need to provide to sell our service. We have dedicated our lives to your success. We have built a model that flat produces giant animals for our clients, year in year out. Many others are copying it, but they don't have the golden key that we have. We know we are the best at what we do and we want to offer that to you at a competitive price. Give us a call, you will be glad you did.

Anthony dreamed for 20 years before killing his huge bull. Do you want to talk to him about our service?

Private Land-

Do you want to hunt unpressured bulls and not have to worry about encountering other hunters while you stalk your Arizona Giant? We have exclusive hunting privileges to over 80,000 acres of Arizona private land. These ranches are located in unit 9 and unit 10. They are premium rutting areas for hundreds of elk every year. This makes for extremely action packed hunting with many close encounters and fantastic odds of killing your dream bull. Our unit 9 ranch is the only private land hunt available in unit 9! It is simply unreal! Our unit 10 ranches sit squarely in the middle of some the best big bull habitat in the entire unit. These hunts are as premium as they get.

Scouting Program-

Every last hunt we book is backed by our extensive scouting program. Besides the quality of our guides, our scouting program is the single biggest contributing factor to our uncontested harvest record. Our scouting coverage is year round, thorough, and absolutely unmatched in the units we hunt. Every year our hunts are planned around specific targeted bulls that are chosen as the biggest available in your unit that year. Book a hunt with us and you will be blown away by the scouting pictures and video that will fill your inbox. Guaranteed!

Jeff maximized his tag by booking with A3 . Make SURE you book with an outfitter that truly cares about your success.
This post is not meant as an attack on other outfitters in Arizona. Quite the contrary actually. The fact is that several of the best guides and outfitters in the U.S. operate in AZ, but unfortunately there are a few "less than desirable" outfits that are active and trying to book hunts. The good ones work hard and provide an honest service. We are great friends with many of our competitors and I know we all agree that every year we receive calls from gravely disappointed clients that booked with some other outfitter that fed them all the right lines over the phone, only to arrive on their hunt and find that guides were inexperienced, scouting was minimal or non-existent, and the hunt started bad and ended worse. By this time it far too late to press rewind and start over. DO NOT make this mistake. Do your due diligence and make sure that you are booked with an outfit that undersells and over delivers, not the other way around. Good luck!

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Should you dream big on late hunts also? Ron did!