Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bighorn Sheep with A3 Trophy Hunts

While most may know A3 for big bucks and big bulls, we also have a solid program for bighorn rams. Since our inception we have been guiding any and all sheep hunts that came our way. In more recent years, we have been booking a few sheep hunts each year. Getting started in the sheep guiding business is not something you decide to do one day and go do the next. Sheep tags are a priceless gem given to a very few chosen hunters each year.
Shane and the largest desert ram harvested in Arizona in many many years. Guided by Tim Downs and Bob Kyhn

They simply don't get much bigger or prettier!

In Arizona and many other states, sheep tags are a once in a lifetime deal, once you are gifted your turn. Every sheep hunter A3 has guided has been treated as a once in lifetime opportunity to show our valuable clients that we can be trusted to maximize an Arizona sheep tag and treat it as our own. A3 has also been extremely fortunate that some of the very best Arizona sheep guides have chosen to work closely with us in the scouting and guiding of Arizona's best rams. Both Tim Downs and Bob Kyhn are two of Arizona's most accomplished sheep guides and we are blessed to have them working with us.

Matt's big ram. 2015

Guided by Matt Schimberg and Landon Sherwood

Over the years we have acquired significant experience in the very best units in Arizona for both desert and rocky rams.
Huge Rocky killed by Gordon!

Guided by Marc Lopeman
Dean with Don L massive AZ Rocky

Massive old ram

Doug's 2018 ram guided by Dean Dunaway


We give our sheep clients our promise to treat these once in a lifetime opportunities as just that, and thoroughly prepare and do all we can to create a successful hunt that exceeds our clients highest expectations. The A3 guides that work with our sheep hunters all have multiple hunts under their belts, some with guiding the biggest sheep to have ever been killed in Arizona's recent history. From archery records to all-time B&C records, A3 and their team will consult and strategize on exactly what your best options are based on your goals.

Rich L. and his 2018 ram guided by Tim Downs

They don't get much prettier!

Arizona has units with world class rams and nearly impossible draw odds, and also steady producing units with the best draw odds available. There are also a number of units that try to balance both ram quality with draw odds and offer 170+ rams with multiple tags to apply for, thus slightly improving draw odds.
Mike's 2018 ram. 

Tim Downs and Bob Kyhn

It doesn't matter what your sheep desires are, we can put a plan together for you to maximize your draw odds with your trophy expectations and come up with a application strategy that suits you perfectly.
Shane and his new State Record Rocky killed in AZ with bow.

Guided by Chad Rhoton, Travis Lyons, Brian Fisher and Dean Dunaway.

Three generations together! Doesn't get any better than that!

Nathan and Dean with Nathan's 2016 ram.

Mark and his giant guided by Bob and Tim!
The A3 guides that scout and guide our sheep hunts will stop at nothing to make sure your expectations from beginning to end will not only be met but blown out of the water! From the scouting to the hunting to the camp life to the memories, let A3 handle your Arizona sheep hunt from beginning to end. We give you our word we will not let you down.
James and his pistol killed ram guided by Dean..

Another big ram from 2018! Guided by Art Gonzales.

Thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to call to get any of your Arizona or New Mexico hunting questions answered. Take care and God Bless.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hunting Giant Arizona Coues with A3 Trophy Hunts

"No, I am just not interested in those little deer." He said... "I am more of a mule deer guy. I just love giant muley bucks..."

"Well...you only have 5 bonus points and you are going to be be waiting for a looooong time to hunt a big muley in Arizona. If we could just get you out here on a Coues hunt you would understand why people get hooked on them."

If we had nickels everytime we have had this conversation with clients we would have a decent little savings built up. The fact is Coues can be a hard sell to folks that have never hunted them. Those that have hunted them before are usually forever thinking about how to hunt them again, wether it will be their 2nd hunt or their 102nd. A truly big Coues buck can light that fire as fast a big buck or bull of any species. Combine that with the terrain they live in, the ease of drawing tags and the many options and weapons to hunt them with, and you have a perfect game animal. Even if you have  always been a mule deer hunter, Coues are not only worthy of your time and efforts, but they are worthy of the bonus points that Arizona has awarded you. Or, if you have already burned your big pile of bonus points, easy to draw Coues tags can be the fastest way to get back in the field hunting deer in Arizona. Sure, there are all sort of common mule deer tags that can be drawn with 0-3 points, but the trophy quality is going to be severely lacking. Not so with Arizona Coues. Every Coues deer unit in the state harbors giant bucks. Every last one of them. The key is spending the time preseason to find and pattern these very patternable deer. That is where A3 comes in! More below..

Over the years, A3 and our guides have been slowly and steadily developing many of the best Coues units in the state. What does developing mean? It means gathering knowledge every year and turning it into actions to find and harvest the biggest bucks that live in each unit. By hardcore scouting we learn the areas mature bucks prefer.  We also learn the areas the other hunters prefer. We learn where to scout, place salt, and cameras to find and pattern the biggest bucks in your unit. We learn where the bucks go in velvet, early fall and the late rut period. Year after year spent in the same units is what builds consistent success and can turn an average or easy to draw tag into a serious hunt with serious trophy potential. The reality is most big Coues deer are not killed by coincidence, but by thorough preparation and planning.

If you are wanting to start applying your kids for Arizona deer but are put off by the multi year wait times attached to most of the well known premium tags, then Coues hunting is perfect for you. With many easy to draw options including Juniors Only hunts offered in Arizona, you can get your children in the field and hunting with little to no waiting. And get them back again without waiting long either.

The beauty of the liberal tag numbers and seasons is that this opens lots of doors for people that are looking for a serious western spot and stalk type hunt that is centered around optics and glassing. Arizona breaks most Coues hunts into 3 to 5 seasons in each unit. The seasons would be archery, both early and late, October general, early November general, late November general and December general. Some units have a muzzleloader season thrown in as well. The most sought after tag is generally the December hunt. This is due to the pre-rut leading into the rut type hunt dates and the added deer activity that the rut can bring. It by no means should be viewed as December is the only season to kill a big buck. In fact, many Coues hunters would argue that Oct and Nov are as good or better due to the fact that these deer are very patternable and in Oct and Nov they are still very much so stuck in their pattern. The best of the Oct and Nov tags can be drawn with 0-3 points and the best of the Nov hunts can be drawn with 0-4 points, even as a non-resident. December hunts take a few more. There are also units that offer "left over" tags that can be applied for on a first come and first served basis after the primary draw is concluded. As stated before, there are giant bucks in all Arizona units and that means you can be hunting mature bucks of quality with none to little bonus point investment. If you choose to archery hunt or pick up a left over tag you can hunt and kill big bucks every year and still grow your bonus points!

Our "fully outfitted and "guide only" Coues deer hunting packages are surprisingly affordable. Plentiful tags and plentiful deer means that for roughly half the cost of hunting big mule deer, you can be hunting big Coues in Arizona. A3, and our track record on big Coues bucks, is second to no other outfitters available and every buck picture in this post is an Arizona buck killed by A3 and our clients.

Scouting is the ingredient that makes this whole equation work. Scouting is what takes a "common" or a "left over" tag or an "over-the-counter" tag and turns it into a hunt that can yield uncommon rewards. If you are drawn to western hunting challenges that include elusive game, beautiful terrain and huge trophy potential then you are missing out big time if you are not hunting Coues deer. Arizona rivals Old Mexico in all aspects of Coues deer hunting with none of the other elements that Mexico holds. Don't get me wrong, we love Mexico too, but for those that keep distance from Mexico for whatever reason, you can still kill that big Coues buck and never leave the good ol' USA.

We are here and available to answer all your questions regarding any hunt in Arizona. Give us a call and we will explain exactly how we can serve you with application strategy, best use of accrued bonus points, trophy expectations of every hunt or any other concern you may have. 2019 is going to go down in history as fantastic! Do not miss out on it! You can hunt here this year no matter your current situation. As always, thank you for your interest and support. We sincerely thank you for it!