Thursday, June 6, 2019

Arizona Youth Only Hunts with A3 Trophy Hunts

Does the idea of your kids having to wait an untold number of years to draw a good Arizona tag discourage you or even prevent you from applying them? Enter the Youth-Only hunts that Arizona offers to juniors under 18 years of age for deer and elk.

The youth hunts in Arizona fly somewhat under the radar and don't get talked about very much in comparison to most of the other hunts Arizona offers. The truth of the matter is that the Youth-Only hunts offered can be the best opportunity to get our kinds out in the field in Arizona before they turn 18. After they turn 18 they get thrown into the general pool where many of the best quality tags can become much harder or nearly impossible to obtain. These junior hunts also hold some of the best draw odds in the state. Combine that with the fact that there are only a fraction of the hunter numbers in the field during these special youth hunt dates as there is on a normal general hunt, and it makes these opportunities one of the best options in western hunting for our kids today.

A3 Trophy Hunts has a long history assisting junior hunters in finding and harvesting some amazing animals in Arizona. From big mule deer bucks to big coues deer bucks to antelope, bulls and bears, we are proud to say we have helped make many junior hunting memories with kids and their parents. All of Arizona's Youth-Only deer hunts are for "any antlered deer" versus "antlered mule deer" or "antlered whitetail deer". This means that no matter what species of bucks are encountered during the hunt, they can be taken. There are also no other hunts running concurrently in the units and dates offered to youth-only.

A3 and the statewide scouting program we employ each year allows our clients, including our youth hunters, to be set up for success before the hunt even begins. The guides we use to assist our juniors all have extensive experience guiding young hunters. Most of us have our own kids as well. We are calm, cool and collected and know how to keep our youth clients calm when needed too. Our camps are fun and positive and our sole focus is to help your young hunter have a fun, safe and educational experience with us.

Arizona only charges Juniors a fraction of the cost to apply versus an adult. The season dates on many of the youth only hunts gives the kids the first crack at the animals for the season. Arizona also allows a parent, grandparent or guardian to sign down a tag they have drawn to a youth under 18 years of age and hold a valid Arizona hunting license at time of transfer. If they are under 14 they will need to have completed an Arizona approved hunter education program.

Although Arizona only offers "Youth-Only" hunts for deer and elk, A3 is still well equipped to advise you on antelope and sheep hunts for your children. Its never too early to start applying and building bonus points for them. There are several antelope hunts and even sheep hunts that are geared more toward opportunity than trophy quality. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything related to hunting in Arizona or New Mexico please don't hesitate to call us. One of us is nearly always available to assist you with anything you need. A3 Trophy Hunts and the top quality people that make up our group are super excited about the coming season! With record breaking precipitation already in the bank, 2019 is bound to break hunting records also. 

We also have some solutions for those of you that have minimal or no bonus points. If you or your children are archery hunters we also have some phenomenal Over-The-Counter hunts available that you can go on every year and still build your bonus points. Call us anytime to go over all the options that are available to everyone. As always, thank you for you support. We greatly appreciate each of you!