Friday, January 10, 2020

Looking Back and Looking Forward.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 2020. A new decade and a whole new opportunity for A3 to improve our business and the way we serve our valuable clients. We are still catching our breath and reflecting on 2019 and the amazing year that it was. We are proud to say that our A3 clients killed so many quality animals that we cannot keep track of them all! From our August archery deer hunts where Shane killed one of the biggest bucks ever archery killed in Arizona. Or the biggest bow killed bull elk in AZ in 2019 taken by Matt that gross scores over 433" and should net over 409" making him one of the top 5 bulls in the world ever killed with a bow and arrow. The story of both hunts are amazing in themselves and will be told another day on this blog.

Not only did A3 and our clients kill a couple of the the largest scoring animals in the state, but our clientele overall killed an unprecedented number of giant critters! In fact, just our 2019 elk clients alone killed 54 bulls averaging over 360. Twenty three of those bulls were over 370". And our top 10 bulls for 2019 averaged over 408"!! Our competition loves to run us down and tell people that we are too big and our clients are just a number with no personal attention. Well, after a season when A3 clients killed more truly trophy bulls than all the rest of the Arizona outfitters combined, I think they should put that argument to rest...

Rick and his 390"+ Giant!

The elk and antelope online application period just opened for 2020 and we couldn't be more excited. The storms keep lining up for Arizona and adding precious water to the ground. This in turn will bring the state to life when temperatures warm and the animals will once head into the new season with healthy body condition and giant antlers! Our entire A3 team is already slobbering at the bit to hit the ground running and scouting and preparing for you when you draw the tag you have been waiting so long for.
Art and a monster buck!

Ed and his book antelope

A common and valid concern many potential clients have when booking a hunt is who will be their guide. This is one of the number one questions you should ask as a client as there is many outfitters that book up their hunts first and then scour the state rounding up anyone kid with a guide license and a pair of 10x binos to guide you. I can tell you this. A3 and our clients did not reach the level of success that we have by booking and sub contracting out our hunts to anyone. We have loyal, experienced and unit specific guides that live and scout and hunt in their own backyards. If you draw a tag in the White Mountains you will be guided by one of our exclusive A3 guides that lives, scout and hunts in the White Mountains. Same with any other units in our great state. Our guides live and guide in or near the units you will draw. It is our family of guides that live across the state that work together as one to make A3 the most successful outfitter operating in Arizona today. If you want to speak to our references please just ask us. Our references are not the same recycled list of friends that are rehearsed to give us a glowing report. No sir, our references are our clients that hunted with us in your unit the prior year. There is no better advertisement than that! Period!

Darwin and his AZ giant

Cody made a great shot to kill his AZ stud bull.

2020 is shaping up to be another record breaking year for antler growth. The ground is saturated with water and we are excited! We encourage you to call and consult with us about any hunt you may have in mind. One of us is always available on the phone to answer any question or concerns. Thanks for reading and together lets make 2020 as good as it possibly can be!
Michael holding her daddys giant!