Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2021 The end of a year and the fresh start of another.

Friends, Family, Brothers and Sisters,

Well Heck, here is to saying goodbye to the strangest year many of us have ever seen. From record drought to Covid, 2020 was fraught with obstacles and pitfalls that tripped up many and caused hardship and heartache. I don't think anyone was immune nor sheltered from the wrath. Most of it had nothing to do with getting sick. While 2020 takes the trophy for the roughest year in many, it was not the case for everyone. Many of A3's valuable clients came and hunted and took home unbelievable animals! Take a  walk through the pictures below and you can see the huge achievements of our guides and their clients. Only the most dedicated efforts to scouting, preparation and hunting expertise can produce animals like these year in and year out. Our guides produce for our clients like this every year. Time after time. In western hunting circles we have established ourselves at the pinnacle. The reason for this is the guide family we have assembled. Without their dedication to the common goals of A3, we would never be where we are today. Our outfit is honest and we hold onto the old school moral and values. Provide a top quality service for a fair price and give 100% effort everytime. When times get tough we stay focused and press forward with a plan. It usually works. Here are the 2020 fruits of our labor...

The first Arizona big game application period for 2021 is open and this includes Elk and Antelope. The small nuances and unit by unit conditions and predictions change each year. If you live and scout in Arizona you understand this. If you do not live in Arizona, it is highly recommended that you get some assistance from someone that knows and understands. As we head into this coming year, we encourage you to get in contact with us if you want our take on the upcoming season. 

A3 offers an Arizona only application service. Don't let the fine details on your Arizona application get lost in the crowd! Units, tag numbers and habitat conditions change every year. A unit that was great two years ago may be down or struggling now and likewise a struggling unit may now be solid again. We have also developed great hunts for elk and deer in units that are below the recognized top tier units and come with much better draw odds. In fact, one of our clients killed a 420"+ but out of a unit that takes half the points to draw than the "top" units. Application strategies also change based on your Arizona goals. Joining our application service relieves 100% of the guesswork and worry. We will consult with you every year and process your applications accordingly for a flat $125. Ask Bryon or Troy how they like our app service after drawing tags on year one with zero points and coming and killing two big bucks! This service is available to anyone and signing up is simple. Let us get you drawn for the hunts that fit your goals!

Bryan used our app service and killed this buck his first year with zero bonus points!

We want to close this posting with an outpouring of gratitude. We thank the good Lord for getting us through the hard times and providing for us the new. We try our best to get better every year, month, week and day. We make mistakes, learn, grow and move forward. After all, what else can one do in this life? We want to thank our guide family. The hunting season gets hectic sometimes. Many weeks are spent away from family and loved ones. The work ethic of each one of you amazes us each year. We truly believe we have the very best guide team that could ever be assembled. A heart felt thank you to each and every one of you!

And to our clients. Without you all, none of this is possible. You arrived prepared and ready. You endured the ups and downs of a tougher than average hunting year here in Arizona. You made the shot when it counted and you helped us more than you will ever know. Once you are a part of the A3 family you are in for life. Sincerely, thank you to every one of you.

Give us a call, text or email and let us know how we might serve you and your Arizona hunting needs. We believe we are the best in the business in our state and our success backs that up each and every year. No one else available will outwork what the A3 team puts out each and every year. Let our knowledge, expertise and dedication to the goal go to work for you in 2021! Cheers everyone and God Bless!